Professional cleaning / DIY products

Professional cleaning / DIY products

We offer a wide range of professional grade cleaning products which proven to work. Tried and tested by trades people. We can offer these products in our house brand INUK or you can own label these products. Pack sizes from 200ml all the way to 1000ltr IBC level.


  • Industrial waste odour eliminator sprays. Used by skip / bin companies and wastes tip companies to remove odours.
  • 99% Acetone. A versatile solvent used for nail polish remover, computer screen and circuit board cleaning.
  • 58% Acetone for Nail Polish removing containing, Vitamin B5 and glycerine blends
  • Ethyl Acetate: Solvent Used to Dilute paints, adhesives, Clean circuit boards and much more
  • Denatured Ethanol Alcohol: Used for sanitising gels, cleaning, thinning paints and varnish and much more
  • Isopropyl Alcohol: Used as a rubbing alcohol, sanitisation, thinning solvent
  • Glass Cleaning sprays. Streak free cleaner for glass
  • Natural stone cleaning spray. Powerful cleaner for natural stone
  • Grease away foam. Caustic free powerful grease remover
  • Descaler cleaner for appliances. Acid Cleaner for appliances.
  • Toilet cleaner concentrate for portable toilets and camping super concentrate
  • Descaler for toilets. Acid based descaler for toilets professional strength
  • UPVC cleaner. Streak free cleaner quickly removes grease and grime
  • Industrial solvent UPVC cleaner blend (removes, pen, pencil, glue, silicone) used by manufacturers
  • Fridge cleaner & Odour eliminator spray. Food safe fi=ridge cleaning and odour elimination
  • Oven and Grill grease remover foam. Removes burnt on grease, safe on stainless steel, use on grills, hobs, outdoor BBQ’s
  • Stove Glass Cleaner. Powerful cleaner, removes soot and tar deposits
  • Rust remover. Acid based cleaner ideal for removing rust from nuts, bolts, fencing etc
  • Fire lighting Gel. Super gel lighter enables you to liqht fires in any weather. Ideal for lighting wood burners at home
  • Disinfectant concentrate. Highly concentrated pine disinfectant for multiple uses.

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