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"I would recommend your products to anyone"

"Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the washing liquid you sent me. My clothes are coming out sqeaky clean and smell fantastic. I would recommend your products to anyone - and trust me, with a two year old and a 6 year old (both boys) the liquid has certainly been put through its paces on some tough stains! But it has done a fantastic job, so pleased. Thank you very much indeed :)"
Member review by Wendy Collard - Facebook competition winner

"I am amazed to say that I have been converted!"

"I was recently lucky enough to win a Years supply of Halo Non Bio Laundry Detergent on FaceBook. I confess I am normally a Washing powder at high temperatures addict, as I have never been completely happy with any of the liquids I have tried.... Well I am amazed to say that I have been converted! Halo Non Bio, has been a very refreshing change for me. It cleans well on a quick wash at a wide range of temperatures, both low and high, while Halo is easily as good as, if not better than many washing powders I have used in the past when I use a normal or intensive wash."
Member review by Mad Welsh Mamz - Weekly Winner of facebook competition to win year's supply

"it's fab"

"Thanx again for my Years supply of halo, it's fab, i'd never even heard of it before but it has a nice fresh smell, and washes clothes well! I would never have thought bout using a Liquid detergent before but it's great thanx again :-)"
Member review by Tracy Gillon - Winner of year's supply

"Will definitely switch to this"

"I've been using halo non bio now for a few months as I was lucky enough to win a years supply and it is fab. It makes my washing smell extremely clean as well as getting my clothes clean. Will definitely switch to this rather than sticking to my old detergent. Thank you Halo."
Member review by Donna Whiteley - Winner of halo Facebook Competition

"just as good as the leading brands"

"I used this for my 2 year old and also my newborn and it was great...pleasant smell and didn't cause any skin irriation. Would definitely buy again."
Member review by Hannah - mummy of 2 boys

"great product"

"really good product cleaned clothes well which is good with havin a 18month old and a newborn. i suffer from eczema and it didnt flare up using this. the fragrance is nice and lasted long even when clothes were dry. would recommend."
Member review by serena - mother of two

"so fresh"

"My 3 year old son has excema and any time i change or try another non bio he always reacts badly. Well he has not had a single bad reaction to Halo! it smells so fresh and i didnt even use a softner with it. The whole families clothes were cleaned lovely and felt really soft and the smell was so fresh! 10/10!!!"
nMember review by linda - mother to 2

"Good value"

"Really liked this product. Cleaned all the stains off my little boys clothes without exception. Smells really nice. My little boy has sensetive skin but Halo didn't effect it at all. Really nice product!"
Member review by steven - Daddy to one boy

"Lovely & Clean"

"The new halo was delivered yesterday and i used it this morning and even Louis gave it the thumbs up..He came in the kitchen and said mommy thats a lovely smell. Even after being in the tumble dryer the clothes smelt lovely and was so clean, We will be definatley be using it again."

"Fab product"

"I was a bit nervous about trying out a different washing product, as my daughter has eczema which flares up if we change product. We gave it a go though and was pleasently suprised. It smelt really nice, and our clothes were left soft and smelling lovely, and as an added bonus, it didnt affect my daughters skin at all. Would definately recommend this product."
Member review by Kelly - mother of a toddler

"It is heavenly soft"

"We have a 1lt bottle, we are a family of 4 with a 1 & 3 year old. We live in a hard water area and this does seem to affect some laundry products but this was not the case with this product. It worked well on my son clothes that came back from pre-school covered in paint and lots of other unidentified stains. I also used it for washing my daughters nappies which turned out clean, soft and with a lovely scent. It also cleaned my husbands work clothes very well and left them smelling alot better than when they went in. He is a HGV driver and frequently comes home stinking of diesel. All in all I would say that this is a good product that has worked well for the whole family with the added bonus antibacterial and antifungal."
Member review by Rebecca - Mum of 2

"Great for Babies"

"Halo is wonderful!! I have a 2yo girl who has sensitive skin and she always used to come out in blotches all over her skin which I put down to the detergent I was using. Since using Halo her skin has improved immensley, no more blotches. The smell is lovely and it gets rid of all the hard to shift stains on clothes & towels. Thanks guys."


"I have now switched to using Halo full time instead of my usual Fairy non-bio. I bought some at my local Wilkinsons store and was amazed by the results and I now wash everything in it including my little boys baby grows! well done guys :)"
Member review by Lynda

"Perfect for Eczema"

"I used the sachets because it says they are great for eczema, and it really is! I have suffered with eczema for years and have always been dubious with laundry products but I needn't have worried Halo is Brilliant. It washes great too!"
Member review by NUFC

"So impressed"

"I was sceptical, then was sent a sachet to try and am so impressed that I now want to buy a gallon of the stuff!"
Member review by John K-K

"Just the job"

"Great fresh smell, cleans well, perfect for all wash as well as sports gear. (Posted on 12/11/2010) iv never tried this before i love to use lenoras its so fagrent but i tried this product on my clothes i dont like to change my daughters washing deterchant i thought this was a great product im going to recomend to freinds as its great value for money."
Member review by Laura - mummy of 1 Matilda

"Good Idea"

"I thought this product was ok. I usually use a detergent you put straight into the washing machine drum, but with Halo you have to put it in the drawer so I was expecting more bubbles than I got. It cleaned the laundry well, although I didnt have any tough stains to shift and it had a nice fragrance. I like the fact that it is Non-Bio, so kinder on skin and I love the fact it claims to kill off certain bugs in your washing, like MRSA, C-Diff, E-Coli etc. The product is average on price so not bad value for money. I suppose it comes down to how worried you are about the harmful bugs in your laundry as to whether you would like this product more than your usual detergent."
Member review by Amanda - Mum of 2 boys

"I love to use Halo"

"I love to use Halo Proactive Kit Refresher to keep the inside of my riding hat bacteria & odour free. I use Halo Sportswash with it's special antibacterial properties to keep my kit fresh & clean."
Member review by Olympic Rider Oliver Townend

"Great Stuff!"

"Great stuff - removed the odour from my running kit that even regularly washing in standard soap powders hadn't achieved."
Member review by Andrew Dasey

"Give It A Try"

"I was sceptical but thought hey, we'll give it a go. Everything now gets washed in Halo Sports Wash, sports kit, towels, shoes, great fro everthing and only a small amunt of deterent required. I have no hesitation in reccommending this product, go on try it."
Member review by RW

"The best there is."

"Don't fall into believing the adverts. This is the real thing! Halo Sports Wash is the real deal! No more residual smell under your arms, clothes leave the washing machine deeply clean, with no germs or bacteria and are left with a very mild and delicate fragrance. The best buy I've made in years! Wouldn't change it! Try it and see it for yourself!"
Member review by Reinaldo


"I am an Aerobic Instructor/Personal Trainer/Zumba Instructor/BootCamp Trainer and my workout gear gets seriously sweaty! In the past I have found it so frustrating that I'd have to throw out my workout gear - not because it was old and worn out , rather because after a while there would be a lingering sweaty odour that I couldn't get rid of. Nothing worked. Then l I tried Halo Proactive Sports Wash - eureka! It is AMAZING! It KILLS the stink and leaves a very pleasant yet subtle scent . I use it on my son's football kit (bye-bye, stinky shin pads!), basketball kit (ciao, smelly sweatbands!), on my husbands volleyball kit (later, sweaty knee pads!). I honestly can't recommend it enough - it is absolutely the BEST!"
Member review by Nikki P

"Great for smelly sports kit!"

"I love this detergent! It is the only thing that gets rid of smells from my stinky sports kit! Good value as well as you only need a small capful per wash."
Member review by Mrs G

"Excellent effective cleaning"

"I've used Halo Sports on a very wide range of sports clothing and shoes. In every case it has been effective at cleaning (usually at 30C), odour removal and - best of all - odour suppression. Everything stays fresh much longer than otherwise. The perfume is also fairly innocuous - and I find most perfumes too strong. I have sensitive skin, and Halo Sports has not caused any problems whatsoever. So I can make a solid recommendation."
Member review by Kenneth