Our unique formulation is designed to deter drug users who use surfaces to cut and snort drugs. Our product has been developed to impact the use of drugs in the workplace and recreation areas.

It is the WORLDS first surface coating specifically designed to reduce the use of cocaine and other powdered recreational drugs.


It’s about risk reduction, using and promoting the fact that you are using the product in your premises you will cut down use of recreational drugs in your premises. Reduce cocaine drug use by as much as 90%.

Reduce the cost of your insurance premiums. You can be deemed a lower risk if your security risk assessments show you are actively using products which promote the use of anti-drug reduction products.

Helps with licensing applications of pubs, clubs, music festivals if you show you are willing to use drug reduction products on your premises.

Reduce the risk of drug addicts using your premises to snort cocaine and the use of other drugs. Their cocaine lines could be wasted as they cannot snort it or swallow it.

Gives the public, work colleague’s peace of mind you are actively trying to reduce the risk of recreational drug use in your premises.

Just the fact that the wall posters indicating you are using this product in your premises will make drug users think twice about putting lines of cocaine on the surfaces in your premises.

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  • Contains a unique polymer resin structure which traps and encapsulates powdered drugs. It swells the powder and sticks it to the surface. Renders the drug unpalatable for taste and swallowing.
  • Should the user try to scrape off and swallow the drug it is unpalatable and leaves a disgusting taste in the mouth which lasts for hours.
  • Contains the worlds most powerful bittering agent
  • Leaves an invisible surface coating that cannot been seen


Use in all areas you suspect drug use is happening, typically enclosed areas away from public such as, toilets, offices, baby changing areas, at surfaces in the corners of pubs, clubs, prison cells, etc.


  • Anyone who suspects drug use is happening in their premises should use this product.
  • Facility Management companies
  • Hospitality companies
  • Cleaners
  • Local authorities
  • Sports and leisure facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Government buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Music festival organisations


Uses a unique 360 degree spray bottle which can spray in hard to reach areas. Spray from 30 cm away and spray onto surface. Do not wipe off. Leaves an invisible semi tacky coating on the surface. Coating lasts up to 24hrs. After this time, it should be reapplied.


It is made from a unique polymer resin structure which traps and encapsulates powdered drugs. This is called “Bcrosspolymerelement”; it is a non-toxic polymer.

The product incorporates the Worlds bitterest tasting chemical called BITREX this product leaves an unpalatable taste in the mouth. You will not want to swallow drugs with this product on it tastes horrible!

Blokit will not stain clothing or surfaces. To remove Blokit coating, use Blokit antimicrobial removal spray. Simply spray onto surface and wipe with cloth. This will remove the coating and disinfect the area. The Blokit removal is effective against blood borne viruses and bacterial such as HIV and Hepatitis which are associated to drug use Reapply the product every 24hrs until drug use is reduced.


Unfortunately, cocaine is everywhere. When random swab tests have been carried out by various Police forces drugs have been found throughout the country in the most surprising and unsettling places.

In the news

Blokit was recently featured on BBC News Northwest and also in the Liverpool Echo, read the full article here:


Halton Chamber of Commerce & Enterprise

‘This innovative product looks set to be a real game changer as it will empower organisations, across all sectors, to be a lot more proactive when it comes to being drug free. It’s such a great concept and so easy to use, a fantastic achievement for Chamber Member, Millwood Manufacturing Limited, and exactly what we’ve come to expect from Paul Ward, who was our Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2017 Halton Business Awards. A very deserving winner who embodies all the qualities of a true entrepreneur.’

Halton Council

Halton Borough Council is working with local business Millwood to develop an anti-drug deterrent spray. Based in Widnes, Millwood founded of the ‘Halo’ laundry detergent has developed ‘BloKiT’ an anti-drug deterrent spray which could be used in a variety of locations. Portfolio Holder for Economic Development, Councillor Eddie Jones commented that, “the Council is always keen to promote innovation, invention and entrepreneurship in the borough and this is a good example of where the Council can encourage a growing business to develop and test a new product. Whilst it is early days, we want to show support for a local company that employs local people”.

Senior Policy Officer – Alcohol and Drugs

Thank you for your email of 16 July to the Mayor of London concerning your anti-drug spray. It has been passed to me for reply as the Senior Policy Officer for Alcohol and Drugs. The Mayor supports partnership working across the capital to tackle the impact that the use of drugs, including cocaine, has on London communities. He has publicly drawn links between the use of cocaine and violence on the streets of London. The Mayor supports the efforts by employers and venues to prevent drug use on their premises and encourages cooperation with the Metropolitan Police Service to develop appropriate and effective approaches. Please do keep us informed of how your work in the North West progresses. My direct email address is below. Thank you again for taking the time to write to the Mayor of London.